Oracle of Harmony

Monique Malone and Dr Steve Zolezzi have created this unique oracle deck blending the sacred masculine and sacred feminine energy within us into harmonious vibration.

Oracle of Harmony is a tool in healing, growth and awakening.

Healing is received through the vibration of the seven red cards, your growth journey is brought in with 7 green cards and there are 7 gold cards of unity, harmony and balance.

The journey through each of the 3 oracles is one of self-development and awakening.

For answers to life questions, Oracle of Harmony provides symbols displayed on magnificent artwork as cards mirror-imaged for thoughts of reflection.

The guide book gives you options for answers through Awakening and Empowerment.

The book also guides you through each archetype card symbol with Affirmations, Rituals and Actions to fully experience the enchantment of the symbol for life change and igniting your spirit.

Steve and Monique offer online and face to face readings using the Oracle of Harmony.

These readings are personalized, sessions are 1 hourly.

Workshops and retreats are also offered using the Oracle.

The Workshops are half-day sessions exploring the use of the Oracle in everyday life.

The Retreats are a full day on the land in Port Stephens (New South Wales) Australia and offer a deeper experience of the Oracle.

To purchase an Oracle of Harmony deck and book send a message through Samsara Healing contact page.